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By: Kayla Anderson for Lyfe Brands


Whether you are editing a video or making one, video production requires focus, concentration, and energy. It’s easy to get sucked into staring at your computer all day in an effort to get the job done, but have you ever thought about what all of that sitting does to your health?

Implementing a standing desk into your workspace has many benefits if you’re in front of the camera or doing video editing behind the scenes. So no matter what type of video producer you are, here are some reasons why you should use a standing desk:

Behind The Scenes

Editing videos requires ample amounts of time and focus. While it’s typical to sit down to concentrate, several studies have shown that people get a creative boost when standing up. One video editor said that back in the day he could sit and watch videos for 10 hours or so, but then he began to get uncomfortable after a couple of hours and started experiencing back pain. He brought in a standing desk and a folding footstool to go along with it and began using his new setup 90 percent of his time at work. The result? Less fatigue and back pain.

In Front of the Camera

As video conferencing, YouTube, and Facebook Live become more popular in connecting people all over the world, standing up is a good way to show that you’re engaged and stand out from the rest (especially if you are interviewing for a job via Facetime).

If you participate in regular video conferences, then you’ll show your team that you are more alert and have energy when people see you standing up. Likewise, in YouTube and Facebook Live videos where many people are tuning in, you are likely to move around more and use hand gestures while standing, thus giving off a high-energy, excited vibe.

However, one of the most difficult challenges of interviewing, meeting, or being in front of the camera is getting the framing right. Even when you are face-to-face from the comfort of your own home, you still want to look professional and prepared for whatever on-screen situation you’re getting into. Propping up your webcam on a standing desk gives your audience on the other end a fuller picture of yourself and what you’re selling, differing from the standard scene of you sitting down.  In fact, it is recommended to prop your camera a little higher than your face to make you look thinner.

Why Standing Desks Are Great For All Creative Professionals

Standing up while doing any type of work can add years to your life, but this is especially true for video producers and creative professionals. Do you need more reasons why you should get a standing desk? Then download our eBook, “12 Reasons Why You Should Get a Standing Desk to Save Your Health”.


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Sit to Stand Desk, Ergonomic

For thousands and thousands of years, humans have been an active species. We specialized in delicately woven muscles that let us accomplish feats no other creature can. We have walked incredible distances, carried weighty burdens, built civilizations that reached the sky.

As our technology advanced, we have gained many comforts we did not have before. Electricity, books, computers— we have acquired all kinds of innovations intended to make our lives easier and happier. And, for the most part, they have.

However, our modern lifestyle can also lead to stress, overwork, and neglect of our physical and mental health. How many of us have found ourselves toiling away through the night, before that last minute deadline? Who hasn’t surprised themselves crouching over a desk in a dark room at 2 a.m.?

These habits— and many others— add up to a less-than-healthy lifestyle. We need to find better, more healthful, ways to work.

Some problems in the office landscape

If you look inside a normal office, the landscape that will greet you is populated with cubicles, worn chairs and paper-covered, low desks. This sort of setting leads to cramped movement and stale social interaction. Most importantly, it keeps us from reaching our full potential.

Sitting at a desk for prolonged periods of time is scientifically proven to be detrimental to your health. According to Mayo Clinic, it increases the risks of several medical conditions (such as cardiovascular disease and cancer) and is directly linked to a higher body fat percentage and high blood pressure.

The mental setbacks sitting desks produce are also significant. Psychology Today tells us that these can include depression, psychological distress and, overall, reduced well-being. Sitting desks contribute to a feeling of isolation in the workplace, while also leading to perceived inactivity and decreased productivity.

Can standing desks be the solution?


Standing desks are not wholly a recent innovation. In fact, they have existed for quite some time: famous historical figures such as Virginia Woolf, Leonardo da Vinci, and Winston Churchill have been known to use one. If you choose to work at a standing desk, you are in good company!

What are, then, the benefits of standing desks? They greatly reduce your risks of contracting life-threatening diseases, help you stay fit and improves your posture, relieving your long-suffering neck and shoulders. Mentally, standing desks are also highly beneficial: they boost productivity, encourage healthy social interactions and prevent mental illnesses such as depression.

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Gas spring sit to stand lyfe brands desk

Standing desks can boast of many advantages regarding their lower cousins. Sitting desks put you at a greater risk of contracting serious diseases, aggravate sedentary habits, and negatively impact your productivity and mood.

On the other hand, standing desks possess remarkable health benefits, such as improving blood circulation towards the legs and lower body. They also promote muscular and organ activity, leading to better digestion and energy usage. This means fewer chances of developing illnesses such as diabetes, obesity and cardiovascular disease.

Mental health also receives a boost when you use a standing desk: since being on your feet keeps your energy levels constant, your moods will be stabilized. As their layout encourages healthy social interaction, these desks can reduce feelings of isolation. In addition, studies show that the productivity of standing desk users is 45% higher than that of their seated counterparts.

Why you should choose our Ergonomic Height-Adjustable Standing Desk

We have built a desk specifically designed to bring all these advantages home to you. Its features are intended to make your work life easier, healthier and more comfortable.

It has a large and durable surface area, divided into two tiers for better organization. This ergonomic disposition helps you maintain a good posture and avoid pain. The spaciousness of the desk’s frame will make you feel free to flow and create.

Our Ergonomic Standing Desk is also adjustable! This means you can regulate its height to what suits you best at any given moment, making your sitting-to-standing transition a lot easier.


The many uses of our Standing Desk

Everyone can start using our Ergonomic Standing Desk— its large size means you can draw, write, or set your necessary devices on it. It is suitable for writers, creatives of any kind, and all office workers. As its height can be easily modified, it can be used by anyone who wants to improve their health and performance.

Its presence in the office can make the environment friendlier and easier to excel in. You can also place it in your home, to have a defined, productive space in which to do your work.

When starting to work at a standing desk, you might want to wear comfortable shoes— taking care of yourself is crucial! Also, you can alternate between sitting and standing: an exercise in mindfulness, it will drive you to listen to what your body needs.

What are you waiting for?
We invite you to envision a more active and connected version of yourself. If you want to have a healthy life, as well as reach your full creative and professional potential, the Ergonomic Standing Desk is for you. Take care of yourself and stand up for the healthful lifestyle you want!

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