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May 24, 2018

Standing Desks for Video Producers

By: Kayla Anderson for Lyfe Brands


Whether you are editing a video or making one, video production requires focus, concentration, and energy. It’s easy to get sucked into staring at your computer all day in an effort to get the job done, but have you ever thought about what all of that sitting does to your health?

Implementing a standing desk into your workspace has many benefits if you’re in front of the camera or doing video editing behind the scenes. So no matter what type of video producer you are, here are some reasons why you should use a standing desk:

Behind The Scenes

Editing videos requires ample amounts of time and focus. While it’s typical to sit down to concentrate, several studies have shown that people get a creative boost when standing up. One video editor said that back in the day he could sit and watch videos for 10 hours or so, but then he began to get uncomfortable after a couple of hours and started experiencing back pain. He brought in a standing desk and a folding footstool to go along with it and began using his new setup 90 percent of his time at work. The result? Less fatigue and back pain.

In Front of the Camera

As video conferencing, YouTube, and Facebook Live become more popular in connecting people all over the world, standing up is a good way to show that you’re engaged and stand out from the rest (especially if you are interviewing for a job via Facetime).

If you participate in regular video conferences, then you’ll show your team that you are more alert and have energy when people see you standing up. Likewise, in YouTube and Facebook Live videos where many people are tuning in, you are likely to move around more and use hand gestures while standing, thus giving off a high-energy, excited vibe.

However, one of the most difficult challenges of interviewing, meeting, or being in front of the camera is getting the framing right. Even when you are face-to-face from the comfort of your own home, you still want to look professional and prepared for whatever on-screen situation you’re getting into. Propping up your webcam on a standing desk gives your audience on the other end a fuller picture of yourself and what you’re selling, differing from the standard scene of you sitting down.  In fact, it is recommended to prop your camera a little higher than your face to make you look thinner.

Why Standing Desks Are Great For All Creative Professionals

Standing up while doing any type of work can add years to your life, but this is especially true for video producers and creative professionals. Do you need more reasons why you should get a standing desk? Then download our eBook, “12 Reasons Why You Should Get a Standing Desk to Save Your Health”.


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