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Sit to Stand Desk, Ergonomic

For thousands and thousands of years, humans have been an active species. We specialized in delicately woven muscles that let us accomplish feats no other creature can. We have walked incredible distances, carried weighty burdens, built civilizations that reached the sky. As our technology advanced, we have gained many comforts we did not have before. Electricity, books, computers— we have acquired all kinds of innovations intended to make our lives easier and happier. And, for […]

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What Are The Benefits of Standing Desks?

Gas spring sit to stand lyfe brands desk

Standing desks can boast of many advantages regarding their lower cousins. Sitting desks put you at a greater risk of contracting serious diseases, aggravate sedentary habits, and negatively impact your productivity and mood. On the other hand, standing desks possess remarkable health benefits, such as improving blood circulation towards the legs and lower body. They also promote muscular and organ activity, leading to better digestion and energy usage. This means fewer chances of developing illnesses […]

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